ENEOS Premium Ultra 0W-30

Advanced, fully-synthetic engine oil engineered for top performance of modern Japanese diesel engines, and European gasoline and diesel engines. Designed to provide enhanced fuel economy, excellent engine cleaning and cold-start engine wear protection. The ENEOS technology

exceeds the requirements of the latest industry standards for low emission systems protection. This oil guarantees rapid and stable lubrication and outstandingly high thermal stability in a broad temperature range and in all driving conditions, and during extended drain intervals. This is low SAPS Oil covering latest gasoline and diesel engines from Mercedes-Benz and BMW. This oil helps to increase engine efficiency while reducing harmful exhaust emission, ensures exceptional engine durability and allows the extra-long extended oil drain intervals. It reinforces the action of Diesel Particulate Filter. Also provides unsurpassed protection at cold engine start even in the coldest environment conditions. The low viscosity formulation guarantees superb overall and long lasting lubrication and engine cleanliness in all driving styles and conditions.

ACEA C3 (10)


BMW LongLife 04